With iOS 16.2, 5G functionality will be available to iPhone customers in India as local sales soar

 Apple iPhone: Starting the next week, iPhone owners who have signed up for the iOS beta program will be able to access Airtel 5G and Jio 5G services. This is how it will operate.

Beginning the next week, iPhone owners in India will finally be able to benefit from 5G connection. Apple confirmed in a statement to The IndianExpress that a fresh beta of iOS 16.2 will be released the next week, bringing 5G capability to iPhone owners in India utilizing Airtel or Jio networks.

The Indian government has put pressure on Apple to make 5G capability available to iPhone customers in India. A few weeks ago, the business bowed to pressure and said that 5G functionality will be made available in December via a software update. As of right now, Apple has announced that iOS 16.2 will feature 5G in India, and beta customers will be able to test it out the next week.

After the upgrade the next week, Apple beta software program participants on Airtel and Jio will be able to test out 5G. Before the software is made available to the general public, users may test out pre-release versions and enjoy the newest features thanks to the Apple Beta Software Program.

Apple's revised schedule for 5G functionality in India practically assures that everyone will be able to get iOS 16.2 in December. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg earlier stated that the release of iOS 16.2 is anticipated for mid-December.

Apple's market share in India is expanding, and the firm highlighted the nation's rapid development when it released its quarterly earnings report last week. Due to the tremendous demand for iPhone and MacBook purchases, one of Apple's reseller partners in India recently reported good profit growth as well.

Redington Ltd., India's largest distributor of Apple and IT products, announced a 26% increase in third-quarter earnings on Thursday as a result of strong local demand for smartphones, laptops, and software.

According to the company's exchange report, the combined profit for the three months ending September 30 increased from 3.07 billion rupees a year earlier to 3.87 billion rupees ($46.76 million). According to the report, the iPhone reseller's quarterly income increased from 152.87 billion rupees to 190.51 billion rupees. Apple, which was its lone customer, was responsible for 27% of the sales.

Users of the iPhone SE 3 and the iPhones 12, 13, and 14 will be able to connect to 5G networks in India. Customers of Airtel or Jio carriers will be able to use the functionality as long as they are enrolled in a plan that enables 5G networking.

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