This Week @NASA: Artemis Moonwalks and Webb's Supreme Look at a "Star Factory"

A fresh perspective on a "star factory"

Moonwalking exercises here on Earth...

And a NASA spaceship receives assistance from Earth... Here are a couple of the stories from This Week at NASA!

Webb's New "Pillars of Creation" Image, Filled with Stars

A spectacular new image from the Webb Space Telescope of the famous Pillars of Creation, which function as a type of star factory, might provide us more insight into how stars are created in interstellar dust and gas clouds.

Moonwalking with Artemis in the Arizona Desert

Future Artemis Moon missions will benefit greatly from the data collected by an analog mission this month to simulate lunar activities close to Flagstaff, Arizona. Visit to learn more about analog missions.

Lucy Spacecraft Receives Earth's Gravity Assistance

On October 16, exactly one year after its launch, NASA's Lucy spacecraft made a swing-by of our planet. The near flyby also provided Lucy with the first of several gravity supports it needs from Earth to reach the Trojan asteroids, which have never been visited before and circle Jupiter.

Aircraft X-57 Maxwell is powered up

The motors of NASA's all-electric X-57 Maxwell aircraft were successfully powered by lithium-ion battery packs placed in the craft. This significant accomplishment moves the experimental aircraft one step closer to its first flight.

James McDivitt, a NASA astronaut, passes away at 93.

Jim McDivitt, a former NASA astronaut who oversaw the Gemini IV and Apollo 9 missions, passed away on October 13. The age of Jim McDivitt was 93.

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