The price of Apple TV Plus is going up

Apple is hiking the prices of its subscription services across the board, including Apple TV+, Apple Music, and its Apple One bundle.

Apple claims it is boosting its prices to account for an "increase in license fees" in the music business, and that its Apple TV+ price rise is necessary after a "very low price" introduction. Since its $4.99 launch in 2019, the publisher has expanded its TV and movie offers, being one of the cheapest streaming services until today.

  • Apple's massive pricing increases go into effect today and include:
  • Apple TV+ costs $6.99 per month, up from $4.99 before.
  • Apple Music - $10.99 per month (was $9.99).
  • Apple One - $16.95 per month, down from $14.95 before.

While those increases affect individuals, they also affect family packages. Apple One, a membership that includes Music, Apple TV+, Arcade, and iCloud+, is now $22.95. The Premier subscription, which includes more storage, News+, and Fitness+, costs $32.95 for families.

An Apple spokeswoman addressed the increase in membership prices in the company's full statement:

Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple One subscription costs will rise beginning today. The switch to Apple Music is due to an increase in license prices, which means that artists and composers will receive more money from music streaming. We also continue to bring new features that make Apple Music the finest listening experience in the world. We launched Apple TV+ at a cheap price since we began with only a few episodes and movies. Three years later, Apple TV+ offers a diverse range of award-winning and critically acclaimed programs, feature films, documentaries, and kids and family entertainment from the world's most inventive creators.

The price increase is a first for the publisher's Apple TV+ service, but it isn't the first streaming service to hike its monthly prices this year. Netflix began 2022 with a price increase and subsequently stated a restricted, ad-supported option will be available on November 3. Disney+ and Hulu have both just hiked their pricing, with Disney+ launching its ad-supported tier on December 8.

Consumers throughout the world are still dealing with increased subscription fees during a period of inflation and growing operational costs. When compared to rival streaming giants like Hulu and Netflix, Apple TV+'s library remains one of the lesser alternatives, but the service has gone a long way.

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