Release of 3 New Reporting Columns by Google Ads

Three new columns that make it simpler to understand how conversions affect campaign performance are being added to reports by Google Ads.

The following are among the three new columns:
  • Results
  • Results value
  • Conversion goals
Prior to this update, applying custom segments were required to view each conversion activity and the categories they belong to. The information is now easier to access.

The new columns in Google Ads reports are explained in greater detail here.

Results Column

The number of conversions for each of your account's standard objectives is displayed in the results column for your major conversion activities.

This column will also demonstrate the effect a campaign has on objectives that it is not optimizing for. Even though the campaign is not set up to generate phone calls, the sample above demonstrates how it does so anyway.

Results Value

The calculated conversion values you've obtained across your major conversion actions for each of the default objectives in your account are displayed in the results value column.

The aforementioned illustration demonstrates how simple it is to contrast the total conversions with the overall value created.

Conversion Goals Column

You can see the performance-driving goals stated in your campaign-level settings in the conversion goals column.

You can quickly identify the campaigns you need to examine if you wish to assess lead form submission-optimized marketing.


The three new columns in Google Ads are accessible on custom reporting pages like the Report Editor or Custom dashboards as well as on the Campaigns page for tables and charts. This information is also accessible at the manager account level.

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