Hands-on information for Dead Space: Upgraded and expanded horror gameplay

To survive the horrors that awaited him on the Ishimura, Isaac Clarke drew from a vast reservoir of fortitude and engineering prowess. Similar to this, the accomplished Motive team's reimagining of Clarke's perilous voyage aboard the doomed spaceship in the sci-fi horror classic Dead Space exhibits a bold and technically stunning approach. Motive is integrating subtly enhanced gameplay aspects in addition to visual and performance improvements to immerse players even further in the horror.

My latest hands-on with the remake, which incorporates Chapters 1 through 3 as Isaac tries to revive the tram system and repair the ship's engines, was full of surprise discoveries, even though I had thoroughly explored the hallways of the Ishimura on original release. Redesigned gameplay shocks, challenging decisions, and fresh settings. Let's get going.

New gameplay features

Isaac has a whole voice: This time, Isaac speaks up, calling out the names of his friends when they are in peril or outlining his ideas for repairing the fuel lines and centrifuge on the Ishimura. The whole thing feels more cinematic and real when he actively participates in the team's task.

Interconnected immersion: When Isaac boards the Ishimura's tram to quickly move between locations like the Cargo and the Medical sectors, there are no loading screens. All of this is intended to create an immersive, linked environment for Motive.

Zero-gravity areas in the original Dead Space allowed Isaac to use special boots to leap across levels. You can freely float around in 360 degrees in the remake, adding to the fantasy of a spacewalk. Additionally, Isaac now has a propulsion boost, which comes in in while avoiding necromorphs that are lunging through space.

Moments of intensity: In chapter 2, Isaac is required to use the Captain's Rig to get a higher security clearance. An Infector attacks the Captain's corpse, forcing him to change into a necromorph. Players observe the transition in the 2008 sequence from behind glass, safely. Similar to the startling real-time necromorph transition in Dead Space 2, Isaac encounters this horrible change firsthand in the remake.

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