Google has now made its most recent Nest cameras on the web

It took some time, but you can now check on your house with a Nest camera without using an app. Google has launched a home google gateway that provides web viewing for the most recent Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell models, as The Verge reveals. This portal is now under preview. You can view the live stream, zoom in, and turn the cameras on or off, but you cannot watch previously recorded footage.

The battery-powered Nest Doorbell and its two wired equivalents, as well as the battery-powered and wired Nest Cam models (including floodlight, Indoor, Outdoor, and IQ varieties), will all have the feature within the next week (the Nest Hello and Doorbell second-gen). Any battery-operated gadget may be woken.

For Nest cameras, Google already provided a web view, but that functionality was dropped for the 2021 devices. Customers were informed by general manager Rishi Chandra that a web view will be accessible this year. It's unclear why these more recent versions couldn't just use the old site, but it's reasonable to conclude that this was inconvenient given how many rival cameras supported the web.

Whatever the reason, the online viewer increases the use of newer Nest doorbells and cameras. Instead of taking out your phone, you may check on the front door or a pet from your office computer. In the future, you might not need the mobile app as much, Google emphasizes, since it will keep adding "more popular camera functionality."

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