Elon Musk replies "excellent point" to tweet that Jeff Bezos' purchase of The Washington Post caused less controversy than Musk's acquisition of Twitter


The control of free speech, false information, and potentially deadly content on the network has raised questions in the wake of Elon Musk's agreement to purchase Twitter.

People weren't as concerned about Jeff Bezos' acquisition of The Washington Post, according to a Twitter user, as they are about Elon Musk's Twitter transaction. "Good point," Musk retorted.

As the transaction looks to be closing in, the government is allegedly considering reconsidering Musk's agreement.

The world's richest man believes that criticism of his agreement to purchase a significant social media network with hundreds of millions of users is excessive.

In a conversation with a follower on Twitter on Saturday, Elon Musk concurred that the controversy surrounding his acquisition of Twitter has far outweighed that surrounding fellow billionaire and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos' purchase of The Washington Post a few years prior. For $250 million, Bezos acquired the newspaper in 2013.

Nobody who is complaining about @elonmusk purchasing Twitter has ever objected to Jeff Bezos owning the @washingtonpost, according to Twitter user Michael Malice.

Musk replied with the emoji for a pondering expression and said, "Good point.

Musk's $44 billion buyout of Twitter is allegedly close to completion after months of back and forth. Users of the website have long voiced fear that Musk's acquisition of Twitter may jeopardize free speech there and reduce content control, perhaps leading to an increase in hate speech, false information, and harmful content.

For instance, Musk has stated he will lift Donald Trump's Twitter ban. After the former president frequently tweeted erroneous allegations of election fraud that contributed to the violent uprising at the Capitol on January 6, Twitter permanently terminated his account.

Musk replied with the emoji for a pondering expression and said Good point.

According to The Washington Post, Musk allegedly told investors that he intended to reduce Twitter's 7,500-person workforce by 75%. Such significant changes may seriously impair Twitter's capacity to take action against offensive content.

According to Bloomberg earlier this week, which cited people with knowledge of the situation, the US government is apparently exploring national security evaluations of Musk's acquisition of Twitter.

According to sources cited by Bloomberg, Biden administration officials are concerned about Musk's plans to enlist foreign investors to help pay for the deal, including Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Qatar's sovereign wealth fund, and Binance Holdings, which was founded by a Chinese businessman.

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