Avoid purchasing the 2021 Apple TV 4K, even at a Discount

Avoid purchasing the 2021 Apple TV 4K

It's only 10 days away.

Wait until the third-generation Apple TV 4K is out before purchasing an Apply TV unless you will spontaneously combust before November 4 unless you get an Apply TV immediately. (If it makes you feel less inclined to suddenly combust, you can even pre-order the updated edition now.) Yes, the new model is more expensive—$20 extra at the time of writing—but you get a lot more for your money. To clarify:

improved performance

The A15 Bionic processor in the third generation Apple TV is said to be 50% quicker than the prior model. It also boasts a 30% faster GPU, which improves gaming performance as well as graphics in general. Will you notice the differences? Maybe, maybe not—but with a newer processor, you can be sure your gadget will receive software upgrades for a longer period of time.

twice as much memory

The basic edition of the third generation Apple TV will have 64GB of storage and will cost $129. After the present reduction, the comparable storage for the second generation device would cost $114. For an additional $15, you can have much greater storage space in addition to all of the other perks.

HDR10+ compatibility

While the previous generation Apple TV 4K supported HDR and Dolby Vision, this new model adds HDR10+ compatibility, which provides enhancements above HDR10, particularly in terms of brightness. Check out this amazing HDR10+ explanation for additional information.

In addition, all of the greatest features of the 2021 model are included

The third generation will continue to support Wi-Fi 6, will be able to operate as a hub for HomeKit devices, and will come with an upgraded Siri Remote—this time with USB-C charging.

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