Apple Could Be Planning to Redesign Messages App Next Year

According to "Majin Bu," a Twitter leaker, Apple is developing a brand-new version of iMessage that will have a redesigned home page, chat groups, video clips, and more. The software "should" be released alongside Apple's headset next year since it allegedly includes "new conversation functions in AR."

Further iteration next year seems plausible - especially if it is connected to the release of Apple's headset. iOS 16 introduced a range of new features for the Messages app, including the ability to edit or delete a recently sent message, mark conversations as unread, and collaborate invitations and activity updates.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who frequently provides reliable information about Apple's plans, Apple's mixed-reality headgear would prioritize gaming, media consumption, and communication. He thinks Memojis and SharePlay could be key components of the experience. With the addition of SharePlay to Messages in iOS 16, multiple users may now talk while simultaneously enjoying synchronised content like movies or music with shared playback controls. This would call for a simple method of starting SharePlay sessions on the Apple headset's Messages app.

The actual headgear is said to run a brand-new operating system called "rOS" or "realityOS," which is internally known as "Oak." Since 2017, there have been rumors about Apple working on realityOS; however, it wasn't until this year when references to the operating system were discovered in Apple open source code and App Store upload logs. A larger resurrection of the Messages app seems feasible, especially since the app will be crucial to collaborative interactions on the device. realityOS will likely include versions of many of Apple's current apps.

Majin Bu disclosed the rumor of a 14.1-inch iPad before display analyst and veteran Apple leaker Ross Young did, and she provided some correct information regarding Apple's plans, notably with regard to covers and color possibilities. However, their reputation in terms of software is even more erratic. A new intelligent multitasking mechanism for iPadOS that would be exclusive to M1 iPads was disclosed by Majin Bu in March. Given that it could have been a reference to a pre-existing version of what is now recognized as Stage Manager, it is uncertain whether this information was accurate.

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